FAQ Bot – now with Live Chat

FAQ Bot – now with Live Chat

FAQ Bot now gives you the best of both worlds - all the usual chatbot features plus our most-requested feature, live chat.

What’s even better than an automated chat bot? An automated chatbot that can escalate queries to a person.

FAQ Bot now gives you the best of both worlds - all the usual chatbot features you know and love, augmented with our most-requested feature – live chat.

Use both features together, or just get started with live chat to meet your immediate need to connect and provide information to your customers.

Using live chat to address some of the challenges of COVID-19

For at least the next four weeks In New Zealand, most businesses are in a state of disruption, and we couldn’t be further from business as usual.

Services are on hold, or provided in a different way, or from different locations, or remotely, or during different hours, or to only certain groups, like the vulnerable, or essential service providers. Non-essential workers are not able to go to their usual place of work.

The situation is changing fast, and it’s hard to keep up, never mind provide accurate and timely information to customers and staff.

Here are some ways that FAQ Bot and live chat can help.

Use live chat while you have some time - get started with chatbots and learn about customers’ interests

You might have been interested in chatbots but don’t yet have one. Maybe you haven’t had the time to start a new project, or service a new channel, or you just didn’t know how to get started.

In the current COVID-19 environment many organisations now have staff unable to complete their normal duties, who have available time. If you’re in this position, your team may now be well placed to get started with live chat. Without the need for any special software, we can quickly and easily set them up to respond directly to customers queries, using live chat.

We’ve already set up a couple of new FAQ Bots as live chat first – where live chat is the first or only option users see.

Over time, you can analyse chat transcripts to understand how to build your bot’s knowledge base. You’ll also get great insight into the words and language your customers use.  

And as always, you can switch from live chat back to an automated chatbot (with contact request form) after hours, to provide a complete 24/7 service.

Using live chat to support remote working and answer specific questions

Maybe you already have an FAQ Bot. But you are finding that questions asked have become very specific (“what applies in my particular set of COVID-19 circumstances?”), and it’s harder for your existing knowledge base to deal with them.

At the same time, your customer support staff are now working from home, without access to the usual telephony they have in the office.

Live chat can be added as a new customer support channel, empowering your staff – wherever they are working – to jump in and answer your customers’ questions. All they need is an internet connection.

And when they have downtime, they can use the live chat transcripts to add new relevant content to their knowledge base, automating these new types of questions over time.

Get FAQ Bot with live chat

Live chat is now available on our standard and premium plans. It’s simple for agents to use, with quality features that aren’t overwhelming, and plenty of configuration possibilities to suit a variety of scenarios.

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