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FAQ Wizard uses GPT3.5 to accelerate creation of your Q+A content.

Curate and edit the answers before exporting to HTML or FAQ Bot.

Kickstart your rollout of FAQ Bot with less effort and more immediate results.

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Jumpstart your content

Crush the blank page problem with FAQ Wizard powered by GPT3.5.

Give your Q+As a head start by using our GPT based tool to generate conversational questions and answers using your existing PDFs, word docs or specific webpages.

Running FAQ Wizard on your existing content ignites and accelerates Q&A creation.

Combine AI with curation

Remove the risk of “hallucinations”.

By curating and editing the Q&A generated by GPT in FAQ Wizard, you weed out any incorrect content and update it for accuracy and tone of voice.

Protect your information

FAQ Wizard protects your proprietary information by generating Q&A content based only on the documents you provide.

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Powered by GPT AI, FAQ Wizard creates Q&A from your documents. You edit and approve for accuracy to remove any ‘hallucinations’.

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