Knowledge base


Knowledge base


FAQ Bot's AI-powered knowledge base is a library of question and answer pairs you can maintain, test and train.

This knowledge does double duty - powering both your chatbot AND your FAQ pages.

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Simple, powerful knowledge management

​FAQ Bot uses AI to find the best match for a user’s question, supported by a knowledge base you can maintain, test and train.

Your FAQ Bot knowledge base comes with built-in responses to common conversation elements, so you can get up and running fast. Knowledge base answers can include images, gifs, videos and forms, for a rich conversational experience.

Your knowledge base is structured in an intuitive way, based on simple question and answer pairs. You can use follow up questions to guide the conversation, and categories to keep things organised.

One question leads to another

Often in conversation, one question leads to another. You can add follow-up or related questions in the knowledge base. ​

​This helps keep answers short and snappy, and keeps the conversation on track.

Follow up questions appear as buttons below your bot's answer, suggesting logical next actions for your customers.

Did you mean?

If FAQ Bot can't figure out the right answer (especially if there are multiple similar questions) it presents possible questions to the user, in the form "did you mean...?"

You can review these uncertain answers in the FAQ Bot portal, and add new question variants to train the bot, so future users get the best answer.

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