Conversational HR

Engage, empower and delight your team with an automated chatbot that supports your human resources and internal support teams.

Better, more helpful HR conversations

With an HR chatbot you can put conversation - rather than documents and processes - at the heart of your human resources capability. For a people-centred discipline like HR this makes perfect sense.

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Learn about your employees' needs

Use built in chat analytics and conversation logs to find out what questions your staff are asking, and how often, in their own words. Then use these insights to build your chatbot's knowledge base, training materials and other resources to support your team.

Chat analytics

Always on-brand

Consistent and correct messaging organisation-wide

Because you’re in control of what your chatbot says (especially with FAQ Bot, which, thanks to the knowledge base you build and train, can’t really go rogue!), it’s easy to ensure that messaging is correct and up to date. This proved particularly useful during the COVID-19 lockdown – we used our own FAQ Bot, Āwhina, to connect our team to the latest information.

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Knowledge base

FAQ Bot's AI-powered knowledge base is a library of question and answer pairs you can maintain, test and train.

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A  single chatbot for all your channels - web, mobile, Facebook Messenger and more.

Help that's always there

Cut through the drudge

Getting a chatbot is like adding an extra person to your HR team. Even better, they work 24/7 to answer your staff’s routine questions about leave, expense claims, transport, payroll and more, freeing up your HR and admin staff to focus on the more complex (and interesting!) projects already on their plates.

The 24/7 bit is important. Often people think about holidays and leave after hours. And when your team's working from home, it’s great to have an always-on chatbot that’s there for their questions.


Implement on the channel your team already uses

FAQ Bot can be deployed on your intranet, on Microsoft Teams, on Slack, or any messaging platform your team uses. Even if your employee information is spread across a few different places, a chatbot can make access to that more seamless, and become the go-to “person” to ask.

Empower your team

Self-service access to information

Being able to easily find the information you need without interrupting someone else or clicking through endless pages or files is empowering for your staff. Staff can solve their own problems and complete HR-related tasks on their own terms and schedules. They don’t have to wait for someone to get back to them.

Just in time information

Support on-boarding of new staff

It can be hard to take in all the new information at once when you start working somewhere new. You don’t yet know what you need to know, or what questions might come up.

With an employee FAQ Bot, there's no need to overload new team members with all the information right at the beginning. Instead, make all your information and processes available via always-on chat, so your team can easily find out how to book leave, make an expense claim or request new equipment - at the time they need that information. Which might be after hours, or at the weekend!

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Need to accelerate your Q&A development?

Powered by GPT AI, FAQ Wizard creates Q&A from your documents. You edit and approve for accuracy to remove any ‘hallucinations’.

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