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Automated, engaging service and support for your customers, at scale

“Prior to FAQ Bot, with a social media team of two, it could take up to 24 hours for someone to get a response. Now they can get an immediate response, and we know that the chatbot can answer more than 80% of the most common questions.”
Nicole Baird, Education New Zealand

Immediate support

Don’t keep your customers waiting

FAQ Bot makes it easy to resolve more than 80% of customer inquiries instantly, with an AI-powered chatbot.

Instant answers with chat

Easy self-service

Connect to back-end systems

Use FAQ Bot to guide your customer through your tracking process and send real time order or delivery updates – in chat.

Extra support for your customer service team

Boring and repetitive work is neither productive nor satisfying. Our customer service chatbot offers some relief, freeing agents to work on high-value inquiries that could use a human touch. You can even automate the handover from chatbot to agent with FAQ Bot’s built-in live chat feature.

Human handover

Easy to maintain

Customers love FAQ Bot’s simplicity. It's fast and easy to answer your customers’ questions with the latest, best information. Your knowledge base is structured in an intuitive way, based on simple question and answer pairs. There’s no complicated tree structure to navigate, and no conversational dead ends.

Knowledge base

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Automating customer service with chat

Voice of customer data

Get early warning of developing issues

Suddenly seeing lots of customers asking questions about login issues? By providing real-time access to customer questions, chat analytics can alert you to a developing issue, or highlight a usability problem that may have been missed in testing.

FAQ Bot’s rich voice of customer data is also great for spotting gaps in your knowledge base, and generating ideas for content, services and solutions that will meet the existing needs of your customers. Super handy!

Multi-channel chatbot

Answer customers' questions, wherever they ask them

Deploy the same chatbot on multiple websites and on Facebook Messenger. Wherever your customer choose to chat,  an FAQ Bot can answer their questions.

You can also use your chatbot’s knowledge base to automatically generate browsable, searchable help pages for your website.

Multi Channel Icon

FAQ Pages

Automatic help pages for your website, powered by FAQ Bot.

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A single chatbot for all your channels - web, mobile, Facebook Messenger and more.

Use welcome engagements to highlight the questions that are most frequently asked, and make it even easier for your customers. All they have to do is push a button to get their question answered. Job done.

A chatbot welcome is also great for letting your customers know about a live issue like a system outage, weather event or other emergency situation. Because it’s fast and easy to update your FAQ Bot, you can quickly make relevant information available to your customers.

“Because FAQ Bot is fast and easy to update – no code required – we can make sure Tohu is always up to date with the latest information – even when the situation is changing all the time. It’s been a very useful channel for us in getting important and timely information to a range of audiences.”
Jamie Crump, Director of Business Planning, Education New Zealand

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Powered by GPT AI, FAQ Wizard creates Q&A from your documents. You edit and approve for accuracy to remove any ‘hallucinations’.

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