Internal knowledge management

Surface your internal knowledge via a chatbot, easily and securely

"Our chatbot has helped over 10,000 teachers in the four months since launch by answering over 18,000 questions. These stats are better than anticipated at the outset – a great result for our members and us!"
Susan Fogarty, Communications and Advice Manager, Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand

Easy self-service

Reduce time lost to hunting for answers

Everyone has questions.

However, searching through intranet sites and scrolling through documents looking for answers is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

When you use AI to match a question’s intent with the internal knowledge you already have, you’ll dramatically reduce time lost to this. And if FAQ Bot's chatbot can’t find a match, it’ll give you content development tips and insights on what your team was searching for.  


Knowledge base

Questions and answers are the foundation of FAQ Bot knowledge bases.

You get a rich content authoring experience to create and maintain your conversational knowledge. Including, follow on questions to help to create context for the reader, and tag to help you manage topics.  

Go beyond conversations with connections to related help articles and uploaded files.

Knowledge base

Tight on time? No worries

Accelerate your set up

Setting up a knowledge base from scratch or migrating one takes a big effort.

FAQ Wizard creates an initial set of questions and answers in minutes by scanning existing help content, like webpages, PDFs and word documents and then uses GPT AI to create a series of draft questions and answers. Once you’ve fine-tuned the initial output in the editor, you’ll be ready to publish.

Alternatively, you can convert existing PDFs, web pages and word documents into password protected FAQ Articles.

FAQ Articles

Be where your people are

Content optimised for chat

For many organisations, internal content lives in its own ecosystem – away from where individuals and teams work daily.

With FAQ Bot, you can integrate your internal knowledge base Q&A into Slack or Microsoft Teams, letting your team find answers where they spend the most time!  No time lost to platform switching.

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Your bot. Your way

Customisable bot identity

Having a bot doesn’t mean saying goodbye to your brand personality. With FAQ Bot, you can customise your bot to suit your brand – in style and tone of voice. And when you’d like a temporary look to pair with a campaign or seasonal message, this can be achieved quickly too.

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Bot styling

Style your chatbot to match your brand - in minutes.

Sometimes questions need more than a quick-fire answer.

Long form content is created, refreshed and managed in the FAQ Bot Articles editor, which gives a Word-like experience. Add video, graphics and links for improved understanding.

And the added bonus? Linking long articles to short answers will return both types of content when a team member asks the question. This increases the likelihood that your team will get their hands on the answers they need, the first time they look for it!

“The rich data we have in Tohu – the questions prospective students actually ask, in their own words – is a fantastic resource.”
Euan Howden, Director Marketing Platforms & Campaigns, Education New Zealand

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Internal knowledge management features

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Powered by GPT AI, FAQ Wizard creates Q&A from your documents. You edit and approve for accuracy to remove any ‘hallucinations’.

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