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Use one knowledge base for all your self-service support content.

Manage quick answers, long-form articles, and file assets all in one place. Create the best customer self-service experience for the lowest effort.

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Provide the best answer to any question from one knowledge base

Some questions need a one-line reply. Others need an in-depth article to give a detailed explanation. With FAQ Bot, you use the same knowledge management platform for every type answer - your chatbot’s quick replies, short-form Q&As, and long-form help articles.

FAQ Bot’s knowledge base gives content creators a streamlined content management experience, enabling faster content production. Customers get the answers they need more quickly – leading to a better customer experience and fewer customer service requests.

Reuse chat content. Make it discoverable with advanced search and built-in SEO

Setting up simple FAQ Pages takes next to no time as it reuses the content you’ve already created in your chatbot. When you update chatbot answers, FAQ Pages update automatically too.  

Each FAQ Page has its own search-friendly URL making it easy for customers to find the answers they need (and great for SEO).

Like the chatbot, FAQ Pages uses natural language search to best match search intent with answers.

Articles solve complex problems more quickly

Searchable articles like troubleshooting guides, product specs, and user guides are ideal for answering common “How do I…” type questions.

Create, refresh and manage long-form content using the advanced WYSIWIG editor, which offers a Word-like experience (and copy-paste from Word).  Include video, graphics, and links for improved understanding.

Link long articles and short answers together with smart tagging to surface both types of content when customers search for it.

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