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FAQ pages


Automatic help pages for your website, powered by FAQ Bot.

FAQ Pages brings all of FAQ Bot’s language understanding, search and matching intelligence to your help pages, for a better, more helpful experience.

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Maintain easily, update instantly, great for SEO

FAQ Pages are easy to set up and manage using FAQ Bot’s knowledge base and insights, and allow your content to do double duty. There’s no extra code to implement or system to learn – manage your FAQ directly in the FAQ Bot portal.

Each FAQ has its own search-friendly, shareable URL, making it easy to direct your customers to the information they need.

One question, many ways of asking

FAQ Pages recognise the varied ways people ask a question in search and type-ahead results. This means your customers don’t have to guess the words to use to find their answers, they can just use natural language.

And because you can easily see how people ask questions, you can then update your chatbot and FAQ Pages to reflect that voice of customer data.

Start small, grow fast, change when you need to

…without overwhelming your customers!

FAQ Pages accommodate a fast-growing knowledge base without appearing overwhelming – great for start-ups, and for products, services and situations that are new and/or evolving rapidly.

Popular content is surfaced, helping your customers quickly find the answers to their questions.

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