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Give your customers a great self-service experience that surfaces the answers they need, when they need them.

All achieved with the lowest level of effort from you.

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Provide the best answer to any question

Some questions can be answered by a one-line reply.

Others need a detailed explanation best suited to an in-depth article. Others need visuals like graphics, video, and tours.  

Flexible content formats mean you’ll be able to answer more queries more successfully than ever before.

And if you're the content manager, you'll easily manage all your content from one place - Q&A, short answers, and longer answers as well as all file assets.

Reuseable content

FAQ Pages reuses the content you create for your chatbot to answer questions that need a short answer as well.

With one central knowledge base for both formats, the short-form answers update automatically when you edit your chat content.

Articles solve complex problems more quickly

Create searchable, longer content for troubleshooting guides, product specs, and user documentation. Round out your help website with highly detailed content, where needed.

Include additional content in your articles for added clarity. Formats include video, graphic images, tables, links, and tours.

Customise your help site with your brand

Let your visitors know that they're in the right place by customising your help website with your brand.

Include your logo, brand colours, favicon, and icons.

Run your help website on any subdomain you like.

Advanced article editing and collaboration

Create and maintain long form content that meets readability goals.

The advanced WYSIWIG editor allows you to create scannable content and supplement it with video, graphics, and links for improved understanding. Use the copy/paste with preserved formatting to speed up content migration and creation.

Multiple editors can work on the same long form articles and make comments and edits in real-time. Always work on the most recent version and save unpublished content as you go.

Version history comes as standard.

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