Membership support

Self-service automation that reduces the cost of member support

"Our chatbot has helped over 10,000 teachers in the four months since launch by answering over 18,000 questions. These stats are better than anticipated at the outset – a great result for our members and us!"
Susan Fogarty, Communications and Advice Manager, Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand

Immediate support

Respond 24/7 to your member queries

FAQ Bot easily resolves more than 80% of member inquiries instantly, with an AI-powered chatbot and help webpages. Ideal when facing large peaks and troughs in demand or a large volume of the same query.

Run the same chatbot on multiple websites, in your member portal and on Facebook Messenger. Answer your members’ questions, wherever they ask them.

Connected systems for better results

Give a member-first experience

When integrating FAQ Bot to your membership software or CRM, interactions in the chatbot recognises the member seamlessly. Guide members through processes such as updating membership details and addresses using in chat forms.

And at the end of the interaction, note the form details against the member record.

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Be alert to member issues

Immediately see your members’ top-of-mind questions and issues.

Use FAQ Bot’s rich data to make improvements to your membership offering and website. For example, update your welcome message with hot issues and immediately reduce calls to your organisation. Or use chat data to align content, using the words and phrases your members use when searching for answers.

Conversation insights

Access knowledge easily

Lack of access to knowledge significantly impacts new team members getting up to speed.

Avoid new starter overload by making your information and processes available via FAQ Bot on your intranet or on Teams. And as FAQ Bot uses natural language search, new staff can ask questions without needing to know where to look for info.

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Your bot. Your way

Customisable bot identity

Having a bot doesn’t mean saying goodbye to your brand personality. With FAQ Bot, you can customise your bot to suit your brand – in style and tone of voice. And when you’d like a temporary look to pair with a campaign or seasonal message, this can be achieved quickly too.

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Bot styling

Style your chatbot to match your brand - in minutes.

The same natural language search that drives chat interactions also powers the knowledge system for browsable, searchable web help pages for your website or portal pages.

This doubles the impact of the work you do training and managing the knowledge base.

“The rich data we have in Tohu – the questions prospective students actually ask, in their own words – is a fantastic resource.”
Euan Howden, Director Marketing Platforms & Campaigns, Education New Zealand

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