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Accelerate lead conversion and improve website engagement

“Prior to FAQ Bot, with a social media team of two, it could take up to 24 hours for someone to get a response. Now they can get an immediate response, and we know that the chatbot can answer more than 80% of the most common questions.”
Nicole Baird, Education New Zealand

Makes it easy

Accelerate your lead conversion capability

FAQ Bot makes it easy to respond immediately to your prospects and customers using their channel of choice including Messenger. Include direct response lead forms within the bot interface to drive even higher customer engagement and sync the resulting data into your CRM for seamless lead management.

Build engagement

Customised messages and flows

Tailor interactions based on keywords, campaign source, landing page, page visit history and more using FAQ Bot’s customised callout capability.

With callouts you can encourage immediate engagement for promotions, outages, new content and more.

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Seamless transition to live chat

Sometimes winning new customers needs a personal touch. Your FAQ Bot can identify hot leads by topic or other criteria, and hand them over to live chat seamlessly. Outside office hours? No problem. Capture details in chat to request a callback.

Human handover

Easy to set up, easy to maintain

FAQ Bot’s intuitive question and answer structure means it is a breeze to set up. Using question and answer pairs your data is set up in an intuitive, logical format – no complicated tree structure or conversational dead ends in sight.

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Your bot, your way

Customisable bot identity

Having a bot doesn’t mean saying goodbye to your brand personality. With FAQ Bot, you can customise your bot to suit your brand – in style and tone of voice. And when you’d like a temporary look to pair with a campaign or seasonal message, this can be achieved quickly too.

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Bot styling

Style your chatbot to match your brand - in minutes.

Understand your customers’ top-of-mind questions and issues. Use FAQ Bot’s rich data to make improvements to your website and product.

Voice of customer data also helps you adjust your messaging to reflect the words and language your customers actually use.

“The rich data we have in Tohu – the questions prospective students actually ask, in their own words – is a fantastic resource.”
Euan Howden, Director Marketing Platforms & Campaigns, Education New Zealand

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