GPT for content creation: How to write Q&A using FAQ Wizard

GPT for content creation: How to write Q&A using FAQ Wizard

Containing a practical example, this post shows how to create high quality Q&A in 4 steps.

There's lots of talk about how AI content tools add value to the workflow of content creators, including for business chatbots. ChatGPT and other AI tools accelerate content creation by kickstarting ideation and reducing the time it takes to implement them. Kickstarting ideation and implementation is something that everyone can benefit from – and when it comes with guardrails, such as human editing for finetuning and accuracy, we can all benefit.

FAQ Wizard is a content assistant for making questions and answers based only on the supplied content. This is in direct contrast to ChatGPT, which bases all content on publicly available information found on the internet. For this reason, FAQ Wizard is ideally suited to making conversational chat content for knowledge bases, Q&A and FAQ pages for websites.

Practical example: Four steps to make accurate and relevant Q&A without writer's block

1. Question and answer ideation
FAQ Wizard was set to work using two web pages from major news outlets as source material. The topic was the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. Within 5 minutes of kicking off the process, FAQ Wizard had written 59 questions and answers.

The content FAQ Wizard turned around was much faster than most of us could write on any topic – and it, of course, overcomes any sense of writer's block.

A sample of questions and answers generated from the content of two web pages using FAQ Wizard.

2. Quality control
ChatGPT and GPT tools, at their most basic, generate material based on the content they're supplied. They're not able to make quality judgments about the content produced. So, in that sense, AI tools require writers to invest in quality control.

Provided that the source material is your own approved content, then fact-checking the FAQ Wizard outputs should be far quicker than ChatGPT. Reviewing the questions and answers for usefulness is still important as AI tools can't judge what questions are useful and what are not. FAQ Wizard makes this curation step quick.

Depending on what is intended, these questions may be rolled into one question after a quality review or removed totally from the final Q&A content.

3. Content edits
Editing both the questions and answers in the FAQ Wizard tool is easy. The content created reflects the pages it was fed. Do be prepared to invest more time in the edits if you'd like more substance than what the original documents contained – but that is, of course, to be entirely expected.

Editing questions and answers

4. Content exports
The final step and perhaps the easiest part of the process is selecting the format of the export – CSV, HTML, or the format ready for use in FAQ Bot.  

Bringing a human touch to GPT

FAQ Wizard combines GPT with a human content curation framework to accelerate conversational chat creation, like questions and answers. This time-saving mix overcomes writer’s block, creates high quality content, and accelerates the production of self-service content.

Want to give FAQ Wizard a try? Check it out here - it's free!

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