Smarter help pages for everyone (with a bonus chatbot)

Smarter help pages for everyone (with a bonus chatbot)

FAQ Pages is a new help pages solution for your website. FAQ Pages allows you to easily maintain and update your help content, learn from your customers, surface popular information on search-friendly pages and provide a great user experience.

FAQ Pages is powered by FAQ Bot, and brings all FAQ Bot’s language understanding, search and matching intelligence to your help pages, for a better, more helpful experience.

Limitations of existing help or FAQ pages

Your customers have questions. That’s a given. You may already have some FAQ or help content on your website, but often it

  • Is hard to maintain and enhance
  • Doesn’t support the multiple ways a person might ask their question
  • Doesn’t provide good insight into whether people find answers

FAQ Pages came about because of exactly this scenario. One of our other products, EVA Check-in, had a set of FAQ on its website. The team added an FAQ Bot that did a much better job of helping customers, answering many more questions than our static page, and providing better insight. Plus the static page was hard to maintain and share.  

This made us think…what if you could have one thing that did both? Provided access to the same helpful knowledge base on a page and in chat. That would be handy!


Benefits of better help with FAQ Pages

1. FAQ Pages are easy to maintain using FAQ Bot’s knowledge base and insights

2. FAQ Pages recognise the many ways people ask a question in search and type-ahead results

Type-ahead results

3. Short, simple answers – optimised for chat means optimised for mobile users too

4. Get a chatbot and live chat with your help pages, and they can take over if your customer has a new or tricky question, or gets stuck.

Chatbot takes contact details for a support request


5. Popular content is surfaced, helping your customers quickly find the answers to their questions

Popular questions

6. FAQ Pages accommodate a fast-growing knowledge base without appearing overwhelming – great for start-ups, and products, services and situations that are new and/or evolving rapidly.

7. FAQ Pages have search-friendly, shareable URLs, making it easier to direct your customers to the information they need.


How do I get started with FAQ Pages?

You can start with FAQ Pages, with a chatbot, with live chat - or go with a combo!

Contact us to find out more and get started.