Answer more questions faster, without growing your team

AI powered chatbot to support, sell and engage.

NEW - Jumpstart your Q&A making with FAQ Wizard (our new GPT Q&A content assistant)!

Knowledge Base

Deliver five star customer service 24/7

Build better community relationships quicker

Wherever they are, whatever they need, FAQ Bot makes it easy to provide your community with automated, instant support at scale.

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Multi-channel customer service

Deploy the same knowledge base on multiple support channels for even greater impact. Websites, Facebook, Messenger and more.

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Tune into your community

Use powerful voice of the customer analytics to finetune messaging, and more.

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Personalise with integrations

Connect to the tech you already to highly personalise interactions.

Just some of our customers

Made for content creators

Code-free chatbot

FAQ Bot is a developer-free zone!

Based on questions and answers, it is simple to get underway quickly. No complicated tree-like structures to hold you back. And if you need a hand with Q&A writing, our free GPT tool helps.

Microsoft-powered AI helps match your customers’ questions with the right answer.  Use the questions your customers ask to finetune the bot.

Easy, quick and effortless

Self-service automation
at its best

Easily answer customer questions, 24/7 with your chatbot and FAQ pages website.

Plus: capture leads, raise tickets, connect to live chat and other systems.

Quick to set up and easy to maintain.

Hellooo! I'm an example of how you can encourage your customers to interact with a chatbot

Automation at scale

Why FAQ Bot?

Get up & running fast

No code set up and maintenance. All you need to get started are some questions and answers!

Free content helper

Accelerate your Q&A making with our GPT-powered FAQ Wizard. Edit and curate for better results.

Enterprise level security

Backed by ISO 27001 foundation, your chatbot and knowledge base are protected from external threats at all times.

Advanced analytics

No more guesswork. See the real questions asked and adapt your messaging to match.


See what our customers have to say

Get up & running fast

“Our overall experience with FAQ Bot has been great! We now have another employee to handle things while we focus on the more technical stuff!

The analytics are beneficial and give us an insight into what’s been doing each month.”

Instant answers to 80% of questions

"With a social media team of two, it could take up to 24 hours for someone to get a response to their question. Now they can get an immediate response, and we know that Tohu can answer 80% of the most common questions. So the team can spend time answering the specific questions, and doing more of the strategic things for our Facebook channel rather than answering the same straightforward questions repeatedly."

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