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How to use FAQ Bot's features

Conversation insights

Use conversation insights to view an entire conversation in the FAQ Bot portal. This means it's possible to see the sequence of questions, forms and interactions for anyone chatting to your bot - a complete picture of your users' conversations with your bot.

Creating and managing Q&A

FAQ Bot is built on a library of question and answer pairs. To start building an FAQ Bot, you just need to start adding questions and answers in the FAQ Bot portal. It’s fast and easy and in this article we'll show you how

Live chat

FAQ Bot's live chat, combined with schedule or event-based engagements, gives maximum flexibility for enquiry escalation. Initiate live chat when there’s a need or value, or when you have staff online to help. The rest of the time your automated chatbot does the work, providing quick responses to your customers.


Engagements allow you to target messages to the people chatting to your FAQ Bot, depending on where and when they are chatting.


With FAQ Bot forms you can collect information from chat users directly in the conversation, send that data via email or API, and optionally, send data back to users.

Q&A insights

A guide to using FAQ Bot's Q&A insights to monitor and train your chatbot.


Use schedules to specify the times and days your bot will perform a particular action, like offer live chat to your customers.

User management

Manage your users with four different user roles, allowing you to grant different permissions to different user types.

Website integration

Learn how to add FAQ Bot to your website with just 2 lines of code or with Google Tag Manager, and create interactions between your website and your chatbot


With FAQ Bot Articles you can manage more detailed, long-form help content alongside your FAQ.