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It’s fair to say Dot has made a significant difference to our small 5 person regulatory business here at the New Zealand Domain Name Commission. Since we launched Dot we’ve seen a 146% increase in enquiries between March and June this year compared to last year. Dot answered 55% of these enquiries which has been pretty remarkable.
Brent Carey, Domain Name Commissioner

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Handle more requests without adding new staff members

Growth is a good problem to have. And with a chatbot it's easily solvable.

If a growing customer base is putting pressure on your team, FAQ Bot can help you support your customers and answer their questions.

A chatbot can also scale quickly, ready to answer lots more questions from customers when you’re running a promotion or something unforeseen happens.

One of the team

Digital employees with personality

FAQ Bot makes it easy to create a chatbot with personality, so you can really treat them like one of the team.

NZ Domain Name Commissioner Brent Carey describes their FAQ Bot as their "newest employee", designed to help members of the public with their .nz enquiries.

Bot styling
Create a bot with personality

“Our FAQ Chatbot from Theta is treated like any other employee. They are involved in our processes, quality framework, our website and customer interactions. When it comes to continuous improvement we ask ourselves what would [Dot] think?”


No-code design

Use intuitive bot styling features to create a colour scheme to suit your brand – no code required.


Custom bot avatar

Create and upload a custom avatar, and update it as your digital employee's personality develops (or to suit the season).

Visual interest

Add images, gifs and emoji for a richer conversational experience.



Our bot comes with ready-made chit-chat – which can be built on and customised to let your FAQ Bot’s personality shine.

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