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Follow the setup to make a chatbot in 6 steps. No coding or complicated decision trees needed.
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Create content for your chatbot using GPT. Boost your chatbot setup and maintenance with GPT-powered Q&A.

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Easily answer customer questions, 24/7 with your chatbot and FAQ pages website. Plus: capture leads, raise tickets, connect to live chat and other systems...
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Solutions for content creators

You don’t need to be a technical developer to create a chatbot with FAQ Bot. All it takes to get started is a question and an answer. And then another question. And another answer. No complicated flows or path builders, just feed in the knowledge you already have.

Microsoft-powered AI helps match your customers’ questions with the right answer.  And it’s quick and easy to build and train your knowledge base using the questions your customers ask.

Fully customisable

Your chatbot, your way

Create a branded chatbot that looks great and works seamlessly with your website - in minutes. Start with a template or with your own colours and logo.

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Always on

FAQ Bot automates conversations with customers and prospects all day, everyday.

Free GPT tool

Accelerate your Q&A creation using our free GPT content assistant.

Enterprise level security

Built on Azure, your chatbot and knowledge base are protected from external threats at all times.

Advanced analytics

No more guesswork. See the real questions asked and adapt your messaging to match.

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